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Vacuum Penis Developer

X293 CYBER SLEEVE - £49.95
A very effective masturbator, the Cyber Sleeve has hundreds of tiny 'fingers' that caress the penis whilst vibrating to the 7 functions supplied by the Pulsatron Controller, which as well as vibrations include pulsing, tingling and wave motion.

Vibrating vagina & pump

This one not only gives you vibratory verve, but includes a pump to enable you to squeeze the last drop from your pulsating penis.

Vibrating Vagina

X277 MISS 21 - £26.00
Beautiful vibrating vagina made from a new super stretchy pink silicone. Pop it in and enjoy the tight fit!
[Requires 2xAA batteries]

Giant Pussy

X479 GIANT PUSSY - £29.95
Not only does this pussy have real feel flesh, it also has an inbuilt rotation motor to massage your penis to an incredible explosion.
[3xAA batteries]

Power Piston

X480 POWER PISTON - £29.95
A combination pump and vibrating stimulator makes this your ultimate masturbation device and erection maker.
[Requires 2xAA batteries]

Super Extas-X masturbator

X283 SUPER EXTAS-X - £29.95
A master masturbator. The inner sleeve moves its rippled surface up and down your penis at a speed which you control.
[Requires 3xC batteries]

Penis Head vibrator

X507 PENIS HEAD - £14.50
Multi-speed stimulator. This vibrating egg has been covered with an ultra-soft, clear silicone shell. Worn on the penis head it produces awesome sensations that will make your entire cock swell and ache with pleasure.
[Requires 2xAA batteries]


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