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Website - UK Cuckoldry

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Type - Fetish contacts & General Swingers

Review - I've always had some interest in the Cuckold scene and when I review sites I always look at them from an amateurs viewpoint seeing if it offers information that a newbie into the scene would need or something that will keep a cuckold couple interested with either profiles or some types of reviews

The UKcuckold site does offer a good mixture of information that will help newbies and more than enought for couples that enjoy cuckoldry with profile reviews and details on the very latest streaming porn videos released and whilst they do have a section on buying adult DVDs its by far the cuckold streaming videos wherre the new releases are going

Want to get into the UK Cuckold scene? check out hotwives photos below along with FREE access to all contacts

The profile do show members photos although like most cuckold contacts websites the images have been blanked out so you can see the members faces which in one way is a little frustracting but I suppose they do have to protect members identies

Overall the site offers good information with direct links into swingers sites so if you want to find contacts you can and as the site offers a limited free membership you can look around the members section, but if you want to use the blog fully you really do need to pay otherwise you'll struggle to find contacts



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