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Type - Sex Contacts & Swingers website

Review - I've been a closet tranny & crossdresser for few years and until I found this site struggles to find local contacts. Thier are loads in fact it sometimes makes you wonder if us transvestites are taking over the contacts websites as I also did a search for gay contact and their was no where near as many

It site is a genreal swingers site but you can search just for transvestite, crossdressing & transsexual contacts so finding local contacts isnt hard. You can join up as a free member if you want but to be honest you don't get much for free and I personally would join up for justy a month and if you use it then sign up for the year, thats what I did

I wouldn't too excited about the free porn they offer as thats only straight porn but after searching out a free transvestites & crossdressing contacts you'll get all the free porn you need, give it a go you'll be glad you tried it

Review 2 - Signed up as a free member, its naff !!! Then joined as a full member and you get the lot and I recommend the blogs as you get loads of honey stories and find some great Transvestite contacts




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