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thinking about swinging and not really sure about it- then read on

thinking about entering  into swingers contacts if a couple either married or just going out it can be a great way to boost the old sex life and meet other couples that are experience with the swinger lifestyle. But as a couple it's something you both have to agree upon and if one of you are unsure then you need to read on and research because if your joining a website or swingers club to make a bad sex life good your very much WRONG in fact it could drive you further apart

All of the members I've come across are in strong marriages and take a view that swinging is just another way to meet couples and a little bit more fun into their sex life after all if you have been with the same partner for some years it can make things a bit more fun by brining someone else into the bedroom

But whether your meeting with other couples or single swingers (although single females are always in demand) it should be as  couple and that you both agree upon it and should you be unsure, then walk away and say NO! and if as a couple theirs any jealousy then this lifestyle is not for you.

When you new to swinging set  yourself some private little rules of what you will and wont consider and DON'T break them for anyone, if as a couple you want to meet for a drink do so then if you want to play afterwards then you can decide this and don't let others push you into playing if don't want to, if its a drink your meeting for then leave it as a drink, then if you want to play with the couple or single swinger you can drop them a message and agree to meet r

You also need to consider what level your happy with after all these soft swapping, cuckold, wife swapping, threesomes, dogging, bdsm and the list is endless so if its straight NSA sex contact you want tell members that  

If your a single swingers then I would always recommend meeting for the first time in a public place and NEVER at your home alone, this way you'll have others around you and can leave if your not happy, but as most swingers will talk via chatrooms & forums normally you have some idea what the couple or swingers are like way before you meet them but either way be careful and I'm sure you'll meet and have some great swinging experiences

Using swingers websites are great place to meet with  other couples, and are massive source of good information so join a site, send time reading the site and chatting with others only then consider doing a profile and meeting with other couples

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