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Welcome to the best way to get hold of adult movies!! no more buying dvds then having to sit back and wait for weeks for your adult porn !!! now with streaming adult movies you can watch great movies when YOU want to not when the postman drops your DVDs off - assuming he does.

So, what's Streaming Adult Movies about?

Streaming adult movies is just like having a massive selection of adult dvds at your home to choose from! but with the advantage of not having buy any!! so no more buying DVDs that you think is going to be good only to find out afterwards that they are crap copies and the only good thing is the cover with some porn star that you never see in the movie!!! yep that's happened to me loads of times !!!

The way that streaming works is you choose the films from a selection of over 100,000 adult movies but with this system those videos are always ready to be watched so now more out of stock signs with adult streaming videos / movies - these films are always ready to be watch

Once you have found the movie all you need decided is how long you wish to stream it for, either 48 hours or a month with prices starting from £4 for a 48 hour stream, compare that with renting movies from your local shop and its around the same, but at least with streaming you won't to even leave your desk!! - direct access to cuckold porn

Once you found the movie and trust me with over 100,000 streaming adult movies to choose from its not an easy process, talk about a kiddy in a sweet shop LOL - once found & paid ( which you can only do by credit card ) the film will start within a few seconds ! and if you want to can use it just like a adult dvd, by fast forwarding, pausing & stopping the movie at anytime

So what are you waiting for hit the banner and start streaming adult movies, and trust me once your tired it once you'll never by another adult dvd again !!

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