Stimulators - Clitoral Pleasure Enhancer


Stimulators - Clitoral Pleasure Enhancer, Penis Sleaves, Love Rings


Stimulators - Clitoral Pleasure Enhancer, Penis Sleaves, Love RingsClitoral Pleasure Enhancer, Penis Sleeves, Cock Rings & stimulators for him & her. Enhance your sex life no end with added pleasure during both foreplay & intercourse.


X630 PULSATOR - £34.95
A revoluntionary product, worn as a cock ring over his penis, not only does it delay ejaculation and keep him harder longer, but the stimulator vibrates automatically when it comes into contact with your clitoris or other body parts.

Finger Tingler

X466 FINGER TINGLER - £17.50
Quiet, powerful micro finger stimulator. Fits any finger. Ideal for foreplay and insertion. Wow!
Batteries included.

Vibrating Clit Stim

Slide this onto his penis and feel the sensations as he slides up to you.
[Requires 2xAA batteries]

Silicone sleeve

Super stretch sleeve with inset beads.
Goes over the penis to give her intense satisfaction. Can be used on a vibrator.

Penis Sleeves

X248 PENIS SLEEVES - £9.95
Set of 6 Japanese penis sleeves.

Lid'l Extra

X519 LID'L EXTRA - £10.95
Silicone extension and stimulator.
Huge stretch for easy entry and firm expension.

Tingue II

X218 TONGUE - £35.00
Slender 6", adjustable speed swivelling shaft with reversible direction and adjustable intensity vibration.

TongueJoy vibrator

X650 TONGUEJOY - £45.00
Take oral sex to new heights!
Tiny vibrator that attaches to the tongue ... imagine the warmth, wetness and attention that the tongue can deliver combined with intense vibrations. Can also be attached to the finger.
Includes vibrator & watch battery attachment to make it wireless, turbo control, 3 silicone straps, 4 silicone sleeves, barbel attachment for pierced tongues & instructions.

'O' Rings

X295 'O' RINGS - £17.50
Made from sensual feel material, these rings keep men harder for longer and have assorted ticklers to please your partner.

Pack of three.

Chrome cockrings

Set of three rings guaranteeing bigger, stronger and longer lasting erections. Ring diameters are 40mm, 45mm & 50mm.

Adjustable cock ring

A fabulous restrictor item for your penis. Enhances your erection.

Double Helix erection enhancer

X269 DOUBLE HELIX - £15.95
Quick release erection enhancer.

Adonis Pouch

X477 ADONIS POUCH - £29.50
A multi-functional stimulator that vibrates and arouses the testicles, bringing you to more powerful orgasms. An erection support ring with textured nodules maintains the erection, and acts as an additional stimulator for your partner.
'Shoot like you've never done before'.
[Requires 2xAA batteries]


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