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I'm a bit of an old fart, swinging for me used to be something you did in the local night clubs and if you wanted to have a bit of fun you looked for local wife swapping contacts if you were married and even then it used to be a struggle to find them and more often than not had to hit in the REALLY old days the backs of adult porn mags like "forum" then thankfully the newspapers got into personals ads which meant finding a local wife swapping contact got a lot easier

Then the internet was born and thankfully the adult industry and then swingers contacts website soon followed in fact for someone that used to wife swap the draw back of personals ads in the local papers was always the lack of photos but if your a member of a swingers website you'll know thats not a problem anymore, with many sites allowing you to put anything onto your profile ads - well so long as they are yours, and I'm sure like most you've seen the photos posted by members that you know are fake!!

But it was finding local contacts which was something that always used to be a problem for me and my wife, and even with some of the websites that offered local contacts these always used to be USA based and whilst I live in Hampshire something that always used to get right on my nerves was if I was looking for Hampshire Contacts I meant the UK not the US, but thankfully with the amount of UK swingers websites thats nor a problem anymore

Many of the sites I've now looked at offer some type of local search whether it be just looking at country pages, or you have to enter the search into a search engine, and some like Swingers zone offer both and should you be a paid member this can even be right down to your town!

So thankfully finding local swingers & wife swapping couples is not a problem and if you've not tried any of these site then you really should give it a go as its great fun and we've meet loads of horny mature swingers & couples over the years

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