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don't believe everything you read on free swingers websites

Do you know what the most searched words is on the internet? FREE!!! yep not porn of DVDs which to be honest I expected but FREE, the thing is thought with so many people looking for free porn or free swingers do people really expect things for free!! after all in you went into your local shop would you expect to pay for goods & services so why do people think so much stuff should be really and available online for FREE

Well a lot I think is down to the ways webmasters & site owners promote their business after all they know the big F word will get people clicking onto their site and in the hope that once caught they will forget that they originally found the website by looking for FREE SWINGERS

There are some free swingers sites and normally t5hese will work by offering very limited access so members can look around the site and get a feel for how it works, which to be honest those types of sites offer free memberships I really don't have a problem with after all I suppose in real terms the site is free just if you want to use all the other extras you'll need to pay

The ones that do get my back up are the ones that misled you into thinking that a site is 100% free then only find to do anything on the site I need to pay for like maybe viewing members photos, sending messages, in fact one site I recently looked at wanted a few for every message I sent from my account !! yeah right.

But I am the member of few sites that did originally offer a free membership but like what it gave me was access to members profiles and a way of me seeing what members saw then once I was happy and wanted to use all the other features like the swingers blogs, forums, chatrooms and other bits I moved to a full member and YES paid my fees.

So if your looking for a good FREE SWINGERS website you won't find one! but their are some going around that offer limited use memberships - try Swingers Zone

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