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free swingers website! but do they work- then read on

I've come across loads of free swingers websites that all claim to offer free profiles & free information and lets be honest NOTHING comes for free although some swingers website will offer limited access so you can at least have a poke around the members sections and see what members get before having to part with cash, so whilst YES they are free it will only give you limited access - so consider it more a trail membership

but what people do make the mistake of thinking that once a member you'll get access to all the great goodies that these sites offer !!! but you won't, but one thing you can do is place ads, view ads & even contact members and this is where the next problem often comes up with people posting swingers profiles and not really putting any effort behind them, and one of the most posted questions in the blogs & chatrooms is

"My ad never gets any responses"

Some members that join wonder why they never get any reply's to their ad and its only when you post out a few things regarding their profile that they understand why no one wants to meet with them, so posted here are 3 tips to hopefully make your swinging life more fun and getting people contacting you

Even thought you may have joined up for free people still make the mistake posting an ad up without spending some time on these free swingers websites and their really is No rush! so sit back and read other members profiles that will at least give you some idea what others are posting and the types of contacts, although having joined a few websites it seems swingers contacts websites cover just about every sexual genre from bdsm to good old fashion wife swapping

When thinking about your profile you have 3 main sections to consider - photos, heading & text and posted here are few tips to help you along the way

  • Photos, when a member searches for contacts the first thing they will see is the photos so its really important to put up half decent ones, and if you have to use phone cameras try and use one where the photos doesn't look like its been taken in a coal mine! Some of the photos I've seen in free swingers profiles its difficult to tall if they are male or female let alone what's happening to that cucumber LOL so try to post good photos and should you not want members to see your face blank it out using some of the free photo editing packages going around
  • Heading! this is what's displayed next to your photo so it needs to grab people in and give them some ideas what your about and a good one would be something like "Portsmouth Couple looking for Soft swaps" that tells others the town your in and what you want, not like this recently submitted profile " Horny guy looking for contacts" I think you get the idea
  • Last, the text in your profile, make sure you tell people about your yourself, your likes, dislikes, turn on's and off's this way you will find good contacts and people will soon be sending messages to you

By putting effort into your profiles you will get members contacting you and enjoy which every swingers site you join a lot more and get a lot more out from it, but one consideration most sites that offer a free swingers membership will only offer limited access so really you are better of paying, if not just for a month then deciding if you want to renew when the membership comes to the end

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