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Which clubs do Crossdressers use?


Its problem many crossdressers have, find a good sex club

Why is it when it comes to finding swingers clubs there's almost one on every street corner, well at least thats what it feels like but try to find a dedicated crossdresser clubs and you'll find it a real struggle

The next question is does the swingers clubs that have transvestite only nights really offer both admirers and crossdressers a good deal? and from my experience NO these nights are normally poorly attended and from an admirers viewpoint very view real trannies use them

For sometime I was starting to think that as an admirers I would never really every find a good crossdressers club but thankfully was pointed in the direction of a dedicated tv website that thankfully understand the needs of crossdressers and offered up honest reviews on sex clubs

After joining the site I tricked down the forums section as I was told thats was the first place to head towards and after completing a profile soon found the section and thankfully trannies posting about swingers clubs they had been to that DID offer a good night

It does seem that if you want to get honest information the only place to find this is directly from the UK crossdressers themselves after all in theory these are the people using the clubs.

We've all seen the reviews website that "claim" to offer honest reviews on swingers clubs but lets be honest how many of those have just been submitted by the owners and not trannies, so if your looking for reviews on clubs then join good swingers contacts website and look for the forums section

The site I joined was Transvestites-247 and whilst they don't hold the reviews themselves once you have joined up you can log into the forums section and thats where you can interact with members

One of the reasons I joined this site is unlike so many others it was FREE ... Yes I know shocking, so you can even get reviews on crossdressers clubs for free, so join us today and hopefully I'll see you in the forum or chatroom some day

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