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am I too fat to swing!! its something a wife asked her husband when they are considering joining a swingers website, so as I have a couple of friends that are bigger I asked them about this and the concerns they first had when looking into swinging - this was their reply

Thanks Mark & Debbie

You know that was something my wife asked me as she a big women or as the porn industry and it seem swingers as well BBW swinger! so my answer to her was of course a NO I love my wife with her real shape and I'm sure other will feel the same!

Before we got into swapping we had a great sex life doing all the usual things games, porn but it was only after a mate gave us swingers DVDs we started thinking "maybe" I wanted to try but my wife was unsure due to her weight, not that she wasn't sexy well least to me, but it really was how others viewed her that was worrying her

so I know the only way to help her get over this "am I too fat to swing problem" was to look at some of the swingers sites going around and after looking at a few sites came across Swingers Zone. We looked around the free section and knew he really would need to join if I was going to stand a chance of convincing her that she wasn't too fat to swing and that fatter & bigger wives & women do swap and in fact quite possible in more demand than skinny women, well least thats what I thought!

Once a member it was pretty clear that like a lot of people in the Uk more are overweight than skinny and so the amount of bigger contacts was higher than we first would have thought, and I could see straight away this put my wife's mind at rest, least a little and once inside the main members section we soon found blog postings & forum chats from other bigger couples & bbw admirers and after spending some time reading these we both felt a lot more happy about our sizes

We added a profile and within a few days started getting replies, so my advice to you if you a bigger couples either with a large wife or BHM ( yep thats me, a big hanson man) then the best thing is to check out the profiles and you'll soon see your really not alone

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