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thinking about Dogging! not really sure about it- read on

Are you thinking about dogging? not sure if you fancy getting your tackle out and fucking around UK Car parks, we in that case read on as whilst looking at dogging dvds is one way to find out about dogging you can't beat jumping in the car and checking out whats really going on!so If in the dark about dogging ( sorry no pun intended) let me explain a little about UK Dogging.

Dogging is not a new crazy is now been running for sometime and whilst it originally started life in the UK its now worldwide thanks to dogging websites and the freedom of information flowing between horny doggers.

Full list of Dogging DVDS - click here

One thing that a lot of people don't realise is this sexual phenomenon brings sexual genres from every type of sexual contact from gay, bisexual, cuckold husbands & horny couples that just love to fuck outside and at public places but for me its the exhibitionism & voyeurism that really gets doggers going and I believe the reason most do it, although looking at some of the horny housewives they just do it to get fucked!

Many UK doggers will pre arrange to meet up and normally used the free chatrooms,forums, dogging messaged boards and use the various swingers contacts websites going to post details of a meet, and often these pre-arranged meets will be in none dogging locations in perhaps a secluded car park which the couples & voyeurs have driven to with just a few people watch and getting involved, these types of meets are much safer than just turning up to a published dogging location, after all if you've read about it so have the police.

Full list of Dogging DVDS - click here

There is no one type of dogger and anyone that is open minded about sex or enjoys letting others watch them whilst fucking and more often than not there is cross over between sexual genres with both gay, straight & bisexual couples meeting up and some of the dogging I've seen will involve several couples normally with one person on look out whilst another normally a husband will video his wife getting group fucked

One thing that has become apprenent is the dogging & swinging communities do seem to go hand in hand and often couples that are swingers also try dogging as well, after all Dogging is just a variation on swinging

I will be posting more information on dogging photos & Dogging DVDS over time so please return

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