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Review - For a long time I never knew that I was a cuckold husband! I knew that I enjoyed watching my wife getting fucked at the varoius swingers clubs we go to but didn't know the term cuckoldry well that was until a friend told me and now that I have a title I can search other contacts that are into cuckold sex although I did think for a while it was called cockold.

The site Cuckold 247 offers information and even some background info on cuckoldry along with some members phot, videos & even cuckold DVDs that can be purchased via a european store. The members section is just a genral swingers website but you can narrow searches down, so if your a couple just looking for single males that are into couples its easy, also the other way if your a single guy (bull) placing ads is easy

Membership is either free or paid and if you choose paid you get loads of great featrures to help you find other cuckold contacts

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