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I was recently looking through the swingers members section on the site and noticed just how many crossdresser contacts we seem to have and like anyone thats lets say a little curious about anything sexual decided to have a poke around the profiles

It really is a completely different lifestyle as I assumed all crossdressers were gay!!! OK stop throwing things at me, its something I've never looked at before, but it seems well no not seems IS that a lot of UK crossdressers are bisexual some even straight !

Now you ask how can someone that likes wearing women's clothing be straight, well I can only assume it just the thrill of wearing women's clothing which is the turn on for them and I can only assume they have a very understanding wife, or maybe that's where swingers & contacts sites come into their own as I know we have some female ads where they are looking to hear from crossdressing members, although I'd by lying if I said we had loads

It looks like the bulk of crossdresser are bisexual normally married and playing without the wife knowing and I can imagine before sex contacts & swingers sites came out the life of a crossdresser must have been a very lonely one, after all its not as thought you can pop into the local Xdressing bar and pick some guy up!

Check out some Crossdresser Ads.....then use the links to find local contacts to YOU ..its free to use

So I can see why we have so many crossdressing contacts as its got to be swingers heaven for these crossdressing members to be able to log onto a contacts site, post a profile and start chatting with other crossdressers & their admirers

I suppose this is one reason why the owners of the site have now added additional sections for blogs, chatroom & forums so CD members can use the full features of the site and mix with other crossdressing members. So if your a crossdresser or an admirer I suggest you check out the various swingers & sex contacts site going around as most seem to cater towards the CD lifestyle

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